About Us

Poudre Community Academy (PCA) was formerly known as the Poudre Transition Center.  PCA is a small alternative high school that serves 140 students in the Poudre School District.  This small personalized program allows students to find success when they may not have been able to do so in other school settings.

PCA focuses on personal accountability and community support.  As a small community we are "in it together" as each student searches for their personal success.  Students are encouraged to use their voice and advocate for themselves.  Our staff is small but completely dedicated to the whole child.  We are here to help academically and emotionally.

In addition, we serve our larger community through our Wednesday Service Learning.  Every Wednesday, students go out into the community to work in various service related projects.  These have included Meals on Wheels, Community Garden, volunteer work at an assisted living facility, environment clean-up, and other projects.  This counts towards the students grade and they also receive credit toward graduation.

Students that enroll at PCA can remain through graduation or return to a larger school when they feel that they are ready.