Mr. Derek Franz

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About Me
What do you do at PCA?: 

PE/Health Teacher

Describe your Educational Background from High School to where you are now.: 

B.A. Sociology Colorado State University 1998

M.A. Health/Physical Ed./Recreation Adams State University 2001

Alt. Teacher Certification Northwest Missouri State University 2008

What inspired you to become a teacher or work in a school if not a teacher?: 

I enjoy working, teaching, interacting and coaching students.  Teaching students to be physically active and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What are some of your hobbies?: 

I enjoy coaching my children's sports.  My family attend as many Colorado State football games and athletic events as possible.  

What was your first job? What did it teach you? : 

My first teaching job was as a graduate assistant football coach at Adams State University.  I taught team sports, and weightraining classes in addition to my football coaching responsibilities.

My Classroom
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About My Classroom: 

I enjoy providing a physically active P.E. class that promotes students participating in many individual and team sports throughout the school year.  Emphasis is placed on being physically active, mentally engaged and active.