Mr. Derik Olson

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Mod. 4B
About Me
What do you do at PCA?: 

I teach all non-elective social studies classes at PCA including US History, US Government, and Economics. I am also an 11th grade advisor and and am the coordinator for the Irish Elementary - PCA Service Learning Program. 

Describe your Educational Background from High School to where you are now.: 

I grew up in Brighton, CO, went to CSU to earn a degree in history and social studies education. I spent my first eight years teaching in several alternative high schools in Greeley, CO and now do the same in Fort Collins at PCA.

What inspired you to become a teacher or work in a school if not a teacher?: 

My high school American History teacher Mr. Bacon inspired me to become a social studies teacher. 

What are some of your hobbies?: 

On my time away from school I enjoy being outdoors either hiking, backpacking, fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, or snowshoeing. I also love to read (non fiction only), enjoy live music, and like to travel around the nation and abroad. 

What was your first job? What did it teach you? : 

My first job was as a grounds maintence worker at Water World when I was 14. It taught me that I need to go to college and persue a career that was meaningful. 

My Classroom
About My Classroom: 

My classroom is a safe space for all humans no matter what ethnic background, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and race. All people are welcome, and my classroom is an environment where dialoge and debate is encouraged.