Connie Hubble

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(970) 490-3294
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About Me
What do you do at PCA?: 

I am a Language Arts teacher at PCA where I can apply my Masters degree in Literacy.  I am also the Gifted and Talented coordinator, and I take a Service Learning group to the Catholic Charities soup kitchen. 

Describe your Educational Background from High School to where you are now.: 

I graduated in 1979 from Vintage High School in Napa, California.  After a long break from school, I graduated with a B.A. in English Education from CSU in 2010. I  earned my Masters degree in Literacy from the University of New England in 2012.

What inspired you to become a teacher or work in a school if not a teacher?: 

After growing up as a struggling student, I finally found out how I learn, and the want of knowledge has not stopped since.  I want to reach out to others who may be struggling, help them find their best mode of learning, and turn them on to seeking knowledge.

What are some of your hobbies?: 

Keeping up with my 8 children and 6 grandchildren takes up much of my time, but I also love to sew, garden, preserve foods I grow, camp, and serve my community.

What was your first job? What did it teach you? : 

My first two jobs were house cleaning and babysitting.  I learned to be reliable, thorough, and that even making just 50 cents an hour (yes, that is what babysitting 6 kids would earn me) adds up.  I also learned to budget my money and save for the bigger things I wanted.

My Classroom
Courses Taught: 

English 9

American Literature and Composition

Film Studies

About My Classroom: 

My classroom is a safe place to learn and express opinions freely.  A sense of humor and respect are prerequisites for good communication in my classroom where we study classic and contempoary literature through book studies and film reviews.