Allison Isidoro (Izzo)

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Module 1A
About Me
What do you do at PCA?: 

I teach PCA English: College Prep, Film Studies, Creative Writing and Journey English. 

Describe your Educational Background from High School to where you are now.: 

I graduated High School in 1996, went to Ohio State University for 2 years and then transferred to Stony Brook University and graduated in 2005. I then moved to San Diego, CA to obtain my master's and received a master's degree in Education and Cross Cultural Education in 2010. I then moved to Brazil for 1 year and taught EFL in 2 American High Schools. 

What inspired you to become a teacher or work in a school if not a teacher?: 

I love working with youth. In fact, I would rather work with young adults than adults and I think that's why I chose teaching. I had a 4th grade teacher, Mr. Minott, that changed the way I viewed education. He respected me, my learning style and who I was as a young person. I aim to be that respectful to my students and hope that translate through my teaching. 

What are some of your hobbies?: 

I love to hike, hang out with my family, especially my new baby, Eila, and my dog, Joey.

What was your first job? What did it teach you? : 

My very first job was at a deli as a cashier. I learned that customere service, helping people and respecting them, is the key to getting along with everyone. 

My Classroom
About My Classroom: 

I try and create a safe and friendly environment that is free of prejudice, bullying and hate.