Anya Dowey-Blank

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About Me
What do you do at PCA?: 

I am a TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) but I am not a teacher I am a counselor.  I am teaming with Janie to provide school counseling services to PCA students with the last names that start with A-L.  School Counselors provide social/emotional support, academic guidance, and post-graduation planning.

Describe your Educational Background from High School to where you are now.: 

I went to a large comprehensive high school in New Hampshire where I grew up.  I then went to a small college in Vermont to play soccer before I transferred to University of Vermont, where I earned my BS in Human Development and Family Studies.  While in college I was able to do a month long Outward Bound Course which made me fall in love with Colorado.  I also was able to study abroad for a semeter in Bali, Indonesia.  I moved to Colorado a week after I graduated from UVM.  Once in Colorado, I started working with youth in all different capacities.  From all my expreeience, I decided being a School Counselor would be great, so I earned my Master's of Education from CSU with a focus on School Counseling.

What inspired you to become a teacher or work in a school if not a teacher?: 

I have worked with kids starting when I was in high school when I was a public pool lifegaurd.  During these summer months I developed a passion work working with kids to look towards the future and make it what they want.  So I started working with kids in all sorts of environments; wilderness therapy, courts, special education, and camps.  I decided working in the schools would be where I could work with a wide variety of students and help them look and plan for their futures!

What are some of your hobbies?: 

I love to be outside-skiing, hiking, paddleboarding, or even reading outside.   When I can't be outside I like to get crafty.  I like to sew and work with shrunken, felted sweaters.

What was your first job? What did it teach you? : 

My first job was working the front counter at a dry cleaners.  It taught me people spend a lot of money to have other people clean their clothes;)  It also taught me to be responsible and make my own money.   Working for and with people are the most importatnt skills one can learn with their first jobs.  I never stopped working after that, I loved the independence working provided me.  I think we can all learn a lot from every job we have.

My Classroom
About My Classroom: 

I don't have a classroom. But when I work with students, I respect them at all times and where they are at in their life.  I hope to work with them to solve problems, big and small.