Gifted & Talented Program

Gifted and Talented Program


Gifted and Talented at Poudre Community Academy

The G/T program at PCA is focused on creative and specialized learning in a flexible setting. Due to small class sizes and extensive offerings for online classes and independent study, PCA can differentiate for gifted students’ needs in all content areas, as well as creativity, art, and leadership. PCA serves a student population that is traditionally under-identified in G/T. 

Students are supported by teachers to identify and explore areas of special talent and interest. The G/T coordinator and counselors also meet with students to individually plan in the four primary areas of G/T services which are: Post-Secondary Readiness and Career Exploration, Advanced Academic Performance and Achievement, Independent Learning and Exploration, and Social and Emotional Support.  G/T students may also explore areas of interest with lunch time groups, after-school opportunities for enrichment, and individual extension projects.

PCA teachers have extensive training and experience, as well as ongoing professional development in differentiated instruction.  In order to support gifted learners, teachers supply their classrooms with materials for instruction such as, individual GPS units for geography enrichment, specialized art materials for individualization & enrichment in Language Arts classes, books for career exploration and post-secondary planning, and multi-media and photography for enrichment during service learning.

PCA Contact: Connie Hubble