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"At PCA, I actually go to class now!" - Patrick Harvey, student

"Before I came to PCA, I was at a bad spot in my life and the only thing I wanted to do was graduate. But luckily for me I came to PCA to reach my goals and be more successful than I thought I could ever be!" - Daniela Silero, student

"It's Beautiful!" - Jerardo Lopez, student

"PCA is the BEST school becaue the teachers here are so supportive and awesome! We are one big community here! - Kayden Chacon & Sarah Saindon, students

"PCA saved my life! ...My school life that is!" Collin Young, student

"I appreciate PCA because it is more hands on. The teachers actually know you, and because we all have each others' backs." - Cherokee Cordova, student

"PCA is the bomb!" Ryan Higgins, student

"I like PCA because I feel like I actually have a chance of graduating and succeeding in life and since its so small there's less drama and more learning." - Kody Arment, student